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                               - MY VAN BUILD -                            

Converting a van into a tiny home can be an awesome project but at the same time a really daunting idea, especially if you're converting the van alone as a newbie! I have put together some resources for you, these should help ;)

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

- Ame In A Van


converted van build for van life, how I built van and everything used in van to convert van for van life

This is everything I used to build my van out into this gorgeous self converted camper van!

I spent a long time designing my van, however I decided against everything I planned to do and ended up designing the van as I built it up. Since I am a novice to DIYs (van builds), I found it hard to follow a plan as I couldn't be certain on how to execute my plans, however my van turned out to be better than I ever thought it could be!

Here I'm sharing with you all the equipment and appliances I have used in my van build, all items are directly linked to where I bought them from! I wish I'd have had a resource similar to this, hopefully this will save you some time and headaches...!


Here is my basic electrical system, I have 2x 100 Watt solar panels on my roof, running through a 40amp MPPT Charge Control, I linked the kit below ( so don't worry if you're new to this)! My van battery and leisure battery are connected via a split charge relay, which charges my battery as I drive - this has been invaluable. Here are some other electrical/components I used in my build.

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Core Electrical System




- I used a simple plan for my water system, a pipe from a jerry can, into the pump, into the expansion vessel, using elbow and straight connectors. My cold pipes are connected straight to my tap outlets and the warm water pipes to my heater and then to my taps. I used special connectors to attach the 12mm pipe to a household tap.

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Core Water System/Plumbing

> Filter


> Shower Head (This is AMAZING!)

> Aqua Roll 40L (Rollable Jerry Can)



I wanted a fun kitchen so I painted it pink, however I still had buy the appliances that were going to work best in my van. I chose a deep sink, which is absolutely critical for full time living in a van as it means the water doesn't go everywhere! I used a gas hob over an induction due to power issues, the hob has been brilliant so far. My fridge is a 230V fridge as it was the MUCH cheaper option (although slightly more power hungry). Lastly, I used a household tap as the 12v version taps weren't practical, so I used some adaptors to connect the tap to my van water system.

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van build kitchen pink

> Sink

> Gas Hob (Propane/Butane)

> Fridge (230v)

> 12mm Pipe to Household Tap Connector (These took a long time to find)!



I can't recommend this diesel heater enough, it's very affordable and relatively simple to install, I've used mine almost every day so far and it hasn't failed me (even in minus temperatures). I have a Water Heater from Whale in my van, and it allows me to have warm water in my van whilst only using gas.

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> Whale Water Heater ....coming soon



Ventilation is important to reduce moisture, allow air circulation and control temperature in the van. I chose the Maxx Air Fan Deluxe as it comes with multiple speed settings and a remote control. I used sikaflex and mastic sealing strip to attach the fan to my roof (linked below), and I have had no leaks or problems so far.

Click items below to see buying options!

> Sikaflex (Best Sealant for Van Builds)



I decided to use soft insulation made from recycled plastic bottles, which is great because it's safer and easier to install, not to mention more practical than board insulation (celotex). However, for the flooring I did use board insulation as it made sense to me to have a more rigid insulation on the floor.

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> Aluminium Tape (Vapour barrier tape)

> Thermawrap (Reflectix)



I made my shower base out of a resin roofing kit, which has worked SO well so far, as for shower heads, I installed a water saving, high pressure shower head which is

incredible! As for a toilet, I'm using a simple cheap camping toilet, it works perfectly!

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> Shower Head (AMAZING)

> DIY Shower Base (Resin Kit)



When your vehicle is your home and car, it can be pretty scary leaving your van and sleeping in unknown areas, these are some things I have in my van that reassure me!

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> Surround Camera System (Great During Driving and Security, Especially For Solo Travellers)

> Stop Lock (Best & Most Effective Steering Lock)



- I used the least amount of power tools I could in my build, because I didn't want to have to buy any. These tools are the tools I used or very similar in quality and price, a carpenter recommended these to me.

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> Jigsaw

> Sander



These are some extras I have in my van that I think every van lifer should own, especially a battery charging kit (life SAVER)!

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